Jul 9, 2017

Everyone knows the feeling, making a new Portolio is on the Todo list and the question is with:

Which CMS should the new portfolio be created?

The selection of CMS systems (Wordpress, Drupal, Webflow) is now extensive and the decision of which of choosing which CMS is most effective and most sustainable is extremely difficult.

We strongly recommend Webflow due to the fact that you can create a flexible and individual portfolio with little experience in the shortest possible time and not have to deal with weekly updates or any other tedious issues (</ 3 Wordpress).

If you would like to learn more about this, you may like to look at an example of Webflow. View Wordpress:


Webflow is perfect for agencies, designer, freelancers, or architects because you can quickly upload new works and present them easily and creatively.

An overview of the core features of Webflow can be found here:

_ Content management
_ Dynamic content
_ Forms
_ Interactions
_ Media lightbox
_ Responsive design
_ Responsive navigation
_ Responsive slider
_ Symbols
_ Retina ready
_ Web fonts

Anyone who wishes to relaunch their portfolio today will find a selection of flexible and high-class templates at themeflow.

Architect – Creative Website Template